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Harvest 2019 - The Reds

After harvesting the Viognier, we spent the remainder of October picking Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carménère.

As stated in our previous post about the Viognier harvest, the 2019 vintage wasn't without its challenges! We feel very fortunate about the quality of fruit that we brought in.

Lariana cellars harvest19

The Syrah we get from Red Brick vineyard on the east side of Osoyoos Lake was the first to be picked, followed by our Carménère, and finally our three blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon

Lariana cellars harvest crew
Lariana cellars harvest closeup picking

We are grateful to our awesome harvest team that worked so hard throughout October!

Lariana cellars harvest19 bins
Lariana cellars harvest bucket

After picking, the bunches of grapes are destemmed and the individual grapes drop down into our sorting table. Using gravity and gentle vibrations the grapes are moved across the table as we pick out anything green, any stems that weren't removed, and any material other than grapes!

Lariana cellars harvest19 sorting table

Once sorted through, the grapes enter the tank. We like to cold soak to extract colours and flavours from the red grape skins and then warm the tanks up to go through ferment. While fermenting, the skins form a firm cap that we hand punch down three times a day until the ferment is finished. It's quite the workout!

Lariana cellars 2019 punchdowns2
Lariana cellars 2019 punchdowns

When fermentation is complete and we are happy with the extracted colours and flavours, the pressing begins! The must is transferred and the gentle press cycle follows.

Lariana cellars 2019 press syrah

Not too long after this process we barrel down and the wine naturally goes through malolactic fermentation. Having the malolactic fermentation occur in the barrel integrates the oak so nicely.

Lariana cellars 2019 barrel down closeup
Lariana cellars 2019 barrel down carm

It’s a great feeling once the reds are tucked away in the barrels. After all of those long days picking, processing, testing, and pressing, the fruit has become wine!

Lariana cellars 2019 team meeting before barreldown

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